HSQ Attorney Keith Slocum Publishes Book

HSQ attorney Keith Slocum published Finding Peace in Bankruptcy, a bankruptcy guide and overview, in September 2016.

Finding Peace in Bankruptcy is intended for those who are considering filing bankruptcy and are struggling with the fear of what filing bankruptcy means for their family.

“I see so many clients who’ve lived for months, sometimes years, with an enormous financial burden,” says Slocum. “But the fears and misconceptions of bankruptcy have prevented them from taking a life-changing step towards peace.

The book covers key topics such as the bankruptcy process, foreclosure and mortgage issues and frequently asked questions. Bankruptcy tips, checklists and exercises are peppered throughout so readers can apply the information to their individual situations.

“I wanted to create an informative book that was approachable and easy to understand as bankruptcy law is often confusing and complex,” says Slocum.

To request a copy of Finding Peace in Bankruptcy, please contact Client Relations Specialist Bridget Whitaker at Harlan Slocum and Quillen at 931/381-0660 or bridget@robertharlan.com.