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Bankruptcy Specialists

Harlan, Slocum and Quillen is a debt relief agency. We have been helping our community find relief from debt through excellent bankruptcy legal services for more than 20 years. We specialize in in offering our clients high quality representation for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, depending on their specific needs. Because our firm practices exclusively bankruptcy law and any related legal issues, we are qualified to manage all our clients’ needs in bankruptcy from the simple cases to the most complex cases.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 is a type of bankruptcy where relief from creditors is obtained immediately when the case is filed. A plan of repayment is filed to pay your debts over a period of 3 years to 5 years after which you receive a discharge of any unpaid amounts. Your creditors are prohibited from trying to collect any money or recover property from you during the time you are in your Chapter 13 plan.  Some long term debts like home mortgages and some special debts like child support are not discharged.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy is designed to provide ‘a fresh start’ for those facing overwhelming debt.  Chapter 7 is a simple and effective solution for many situations such as large medical debt, credit card debt, or business closings. Most Chapter 7 cases require passing a “Means Test” to be eligible for Chapter 7 relief.  We are ready and able to assist you in determining if Chapter 7 would work for you.

Harlan, Slocum & Quillen can also assist with issues and concerns that are often related to bankruptcy and debt management cases such as foreclosures, mortgage fraud, credit reporting errors, repossessions and harassment.


“My experience with Keith and his staff was one of confidence. Keith and his team helped me through a very troubling time in my life and helped me to see there is light at the end of the road. I am pleased with how things have turned out and would firmly recommend Keith and his team to any one having to travel the difficult road of bankruptcy. They take a lot of stress out of the process.”

Charlie, Columbia, Tenn.

“I highly recommend Harlan, Slocum, Quillen. They have the best attorneys and are very affordable. If you want to be represented by the best then you need to hire the best. The greatest people that I could have ever ask to work with. They handled everything in a timely manner. I had no worries.”

Thomas, Columbia, Tenn.